Tomato sauce, mozzarella, boiled ham, pineapple and speck PGI.

Speck IGP


Tender, smoked ham with a light and delicate flavor.  Our speck is exclusively made from premium, boneless, pork ham, seasoned with certain spices, based on an ancient, secret recipe. The hams are then salted and smoked at a constant temperature of about 20°C using slightly resinous wood. 

Trentino-Alto Adige

Is cured for about 22 weeks in specific cells with controlled temperature and moisture. The speck is aired at regular intervals and the fresh climate of the southern Tyrol valleys enhances its light and delicate taste.
The differences between Tyrolean speck and bacon include different lengths of time dedicated to smoking, the curing techniques, and the fact that Tyrolean speck cures for a longer period of time than bacon does. It's guaranteed from the community label IGP (Protected Geographical Indication).