What is La Tagliatella?

Our brand

La Tagliatella arose from the experience of more than two decades of specialization in the traditional cuisine of the regions of El Piemonte, La Liguria and La Reggio Emilia. For us, authenticity and quality are the pillars of our way of understanding gastronomy. That’s why we scoured every corner of Italy in search of the best ingredients, textures and flavors: from Parmigiano Reggiano cheese D.O.P., cured in caves for 24 months, to our pizza dough, prepared with two different types of grains to achieve its particular flavor and consistency, or the tasty “semi secco” tomatoes from Puglia. We assembled our menu with high-quality raw ingredients so that you can enjoy delicious and generous dishes with your family that are perfect for sharing in an unparalleled setting.

Pizzas baked in the traditional forno italiano; carpaccios accompanied with genuine mozzarella di bufala, salads in the shape of the Tower of Pisa, prepared with authentic grilled vegetables; risottos with duck and truffle magret, with Iberian ham…; more than 400 combinations of pasta and sauces, panna cotta, homemade tiramisu, homemade ice cream… make up a vast offer that materialize in perfect portions to enjoy them in the company of your family. We also prepare all of our recipes with authentic extra virgin olive oil.

Our values



We are committed to our customers

At La Tagliatella our customers take pride of place and we concentrate our efforts on taking care of each and every detail to ensure your experience at our restaurants is really unique. As far as we are concerned, this eye for detail is what makes the difference between good and excellent



We are genuine because we are faithful to our origins and ingredients

We offer authentic ingredients that we bring directly from their place of origin because we believe that this is the only way to guarantee the best quality. At our restaurants, you can see how we make our pizza and smell the aroma of it coming straight out of the oven. 



We believe that giving is a pleasure

We delight in anticipating our customers’ wishes because we consider that giving is a pleasure. Italian generosity is one of the pillars on which we base our work, and at the same time, it makes us strive to always give our best: the best food, the best service and the best ambiance.



Our customers are guests in our home

We serve our customers with their needs in mind. We welcome them warmly with open arms and offer them detail-oriented service so that they feel comfortable.